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The Health Benefits of Coffee & Tea


  • White tea has been found to have a higher concentration of anti-oxidants in it which may actually be more effective in preventing some diseases than green tea.
  • Anti-Oxidants had anti-ageing potential, may help to prevent some cancers, as well as inflammation and heart disease.
  • White tea may help to prevent obesity. White tea was found to inhibit the growth of new fat cells.
  • Green tea has thermogenic properties and promotes fat oxidation beyond that explained by it s caffeine content.
  • Studies have shown that Green tea reduces the risk of esophageal cancer in women by 60%.
  • Scientist believes that chemicals found in coffee could be used to make new drugs to treat heart disease and insomnia.
  • Drinking coffee over a long period of time may reduce the risk of dying from heart disease.
  • People who drink more coffee have been found to be less likely to suffer Alzheimer’s disease later in life.


  • Drinking tea too hot increases the risk of Esophageal Cancer.
  • Over 1000 chemicals have been found in roasted coffee with 19 being known carcinogens.
  • There have been studies that show that properties found in coffee can raise cholesterol.

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